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Fascinating economic theory, data analysis, applied to real-world, global, socio-political-economic situations. Develop the hard, soft skills and rigorous analytical abilities to add value to any corporate organisation in the world!

Programme description:
​We are in the age of the data revolution. Economic analysts play a critical role in evidence-based decision making in multinational companies (MNCs) and governments or working as policy advisors.

As a student of our Economic Analysis programme, you will receive up-to-date macroeconomic and macro-financial knowledge, combined with policy analysis techniques – all highly sought-after by employers.

Learn standard methods of data analysis and macroeconomic modelling. Get acquainted with the modern views and methodologies of macroeconomics as well as their critiques.

By the time you graduate you will be able to analyse complex economic situations. You will be adept at cultivating corporate and economic policy-making. You will provide high-quality analysis and aid decision making in any area of employment you pursue.

Entry requirements:
Undergraduate degree meeting minimum credit requirements (see above)
B2 Level English (see above)

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
Pre-interview test
Written Exam
Oral (interview) – online (Teams or Zoom)

Entrance exam description:
The Admission Board will evaluate the application materials (qualification(s), GPA, English proficiency, letter of motivation, work/activity experience) and based on a shortlist, applicants will be contacted to participate in a pre-interview test, written exam and online oral exam (interview).

The following will be assessed at your interview:
• Knowledge relevant to your programme
• Skills relevant to your programme
• Motivation.

Career opportunities

Our graduates progress to roles including:
-Economic Analyst
-Corporate Consultant
-Forecast Analyst
-Market Expert.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment