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MScHydrogeological Engineering Students at Risk

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Program description:
The aim of this program is to train highly qualified engineers who are competent in dealing with geological and environmental issues concerning surface and subsurface waters, the protection of quantity and quality of groundwater resources, and the remediation of contaminated sites. The main focus of education is placed on groundwater resources, which play more and more significant role in drinking water supply, mineral and medicinal water utilization and geothermal energy production. Flow and transport modeling, groundwater management and well hydraulics are also very strong parts of this internationally acknowledged MSc program.  The graduates will be capable of solving problems related to the subsurface constructions of various engineering structures (buildings, tunnels, underground transport systems, reservoirs, earthworks, roads, surface mines, underground mines, etc.). The graduates will also be capable of carrying out and coordinating tasks related to research and development in their academic fields, as well as to continue their studies at doctoral level.

Entry requirements:
Entry requirement is BSc or BEng degree (minimum 6 semesters) in Earth Sciences engineering, Environmental engineering, Civil engineering, Gelogy, Geological engineering, Earth Sciences, Water engineering

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Following inspection of the uploaded documents, the Entrance Examination Committee of the Faculty (3 members) invites the candidate to a Skype interview, the maximum score of which is 100. Evaluation criteria: result of BSc degree based on GPA (max. 35%), competency in the given study field, motivation (max. 30%), relevancy and topic of BSc thesis (max. 15%), English language communication and command (max. 20%).

Ms Henriett TÓTH

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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