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BScEnvironmental Studies Students at Risk

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The programme aims to train professionals who can overview understand and manage environmental problems, risks and hazards. Our students base their skills in Natural Sciences and develop their management skills in the fields of planning, analytical, problem-solving, decision-making, related to environmental protection, rational environmental management, sustainable development, sustainable security, environmental conflict management.

Programme structure

Basic studies: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Informatics, Geology, Meteorolgy
Programme specific, applied studies: Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Physics, Environmental Earth Sciences, Environmental Health, Microbiology, Nature Protection
Technological skills: Environmental technology, Sustainable Safety
Practical studies: Complex Investigation of Environmental Systems, Environmental Risk Assessment
Management skills: Disaster Management, Crisis Communication
General skills and social sciences: History of Science, EU Knowledge, Psychology, Sociolgy, Hungarian language and Culture

Career opportunities

As an expert in environmental science, the graduated student will be able to conduct research connected to environmental problems. They can work for R+D institutes and administrative authorities engaged in the protection of environment and nature.

They can also participate in solving problems in the field of environment and nature safety protection in industry, water conservation, forestry, agriculture, public health, municipals and civil organizations. The environmental science study program prepares students to perform tasks which lead to a diagnosis and analysis of the problem before making a decision. The program also prepares students for managing professional matters in an innovation and cooperation way, it also prepares for solving management problems and tasks.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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