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PhDIstván Sályi Doctoral School of Mechanical Engineering Sciences Students at Risk

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The educational and research programme of the Doctoral School encompasses three large areas. One deals with basic engineering sciences, the second with designing objects (machines and machine elements) and the third one is related to the field of material sciences and materials processing technologies, as well as to production processes and production systems. All three areas include the elaboration and theoretical analysis of models describing technological processes, the design of processes and production systems with up-to-date methods, and the creative application and development of computer-aided engineering methods.

SPECIALIZATIONS: PhD students can carry out research in the following fields:

Basic engineering sciences: mechanics of solids, transport processes and machines;
Design of machines and structures: material handling machine design, design of machines and elements, product development and design, design of mechatronic systems, design of engineering structures, design of tool machines;
Material science, production systems and processes: materials engineering and mechanical technology, manufacturing systems and processes, assembly systems, structural integrity

Mrs Katalin Gergely Csire – katalin.csirene@uni-miskolc.hu

Programme structure

Read more: www.uni-miskolc.hu/phd-mechanical-engineering-sciences

Career opportunities

The doctoral program prepares doctoral students for knowledge-intensive work in society, where highly analytical and specialized knowledge is required. Graduates can become a university lecturer or researcher, or can apply to non-academic careers.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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