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Program description:
The main objective of the Applied Economics programme is to provide students with a stable theoretical background, methodological tools and analytical skills. After having completed the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics Programme, students will be able to identify relevant economic questions, to use models and econometric methods to answer relevant economic questions quantitatively, to analyse economic models and to evaluate their relevance for theoretical and practical problem solving, to plan and to undertake applied work and research projects in economics, to understand the economic role of the government, the reason behind some fiscal and monetary policy actions, to identify the benefits and costs of a global economy, to demonstrate their ability to apply economic theory to a wide range of economic problems and to communicate their analysis effectively. Students will also have thorough knowledge of economic theory. They will know how economic policy, technological advances and demographic conditions affect the main economic variables. They will be able to build economic models, they will know how to quantify or calibrate model parameters, and how to use this model for simulations.

Entry requirements:
Minimum B2 intermediate English language exam (IELTS 5.5, TOEFL, Cambridge language exam). For the native speakers of English – the authenticated copy of the certificate of high school education – certifies their language proficiency.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
written and oral

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The written exam is sent to the applicants via email. Applicants should submit the solution within a given period of time. In addition to the written exam, there will also be a short online interview. This is simply a short conversation between the applicant and a faculty member and it does not require any additional preparation. PLEASE NOTE: THE INTERVIEW IS ALSO PART OF THE ENTRANCE EXAM, ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED THE MATHEMATHICS EXAM WILL BE INVITED TO THE INTERVIEW. THE FINAL DECISION IS BASED ON BOTH PARTS OF THE ENTRANCE EXAM.

Mr Miklos Janoki
admissions coordinator

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Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States