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Analytical, compelling, world-changing. Value, production, distribution and consumption; microeconomic markets and macroeconomic systems.

Programme description
Get familiar with relevant concepts, principles, models, theories and methodology of modern economics. We will provide you with the analytical methods used by economists working in business, policy and research.

Our BSc Applied Economics programme will familiarise you with with many exciting concepts and tools, like: how to model the real world; how to develop your data analysis skills and quantitative competences; and how to improve your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking?

It includes studying a wide variety of concepts, participating in major group projects and presentations – making you the perfect asset to any company, public or private organisation.

Problems you will study in class include:
-How to forecast the price of food.
-Which processes influence consumption and how.
-What the consequences of an increase in the consumption tax are.
-The role of government in different markets.
-Factors that led to the collapse of the Peso-Dollar exchange rate.
-How the global economy and international monetary systems work.
-How to incentivise people to take care of their environment.
-How to make the world a better place from a social point of view.

Upon graduation, you will be able to examine the underlying incentives of social phenomena to try to extract meaning from data, to making models and forecasts and then find the explanation to major issues.

Our programme is internationally recognised and integrated.

Entry requirements:
High school graduation
B2 Level English (see above)

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
Written test

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The Admission Board will evaluate the application materials (qualification(s), GPA, English proficiency, letter of motivation, work/activity experience) and based on a shortlist, applicants will be contacted to participate in a mathematics test.

Career opportunities

Our graduates have secured positions including:
-Insurance Product Developer
-Project Manager
-Real Estate Market Expert
-Risk Analyst
-Market Analyst.

Our graduates graduates are working at prestigious organisations, including:
-Hungarian Competition Authority

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Not available for applying at the moment