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The PhD Programme in Education at the University of Szeged comprises of seven training programmes (Learning and Instruction; Social and Emotional Education; Educational Assessment; Technologies in Education; Health Education; Psychological Questions of Development and Education; and Content Pedagogy).

The PhD programme consists of eight semesters. The first four semesters are dedicated to advanced studies and training in research skills. This concludes with a Comprehensive Examination, where PhD students present a detailed plan of the dissertation with research and publication tasks already accomplished (e.g. literature review, or study design) and to be competed. The second phase of four semesters, focused on research and writing the dissertation, commences with passing the Comprehensive Examination.

For a detailed description of the programmes and the programme components, see www.edu.u-szeged.hu/phd/?q=en

Programme structure

Altogether 240 credits
Phase 1, training and research (120 credits): courses (50–90 credits), research (40–60 credits), publications (0–30 credits), teaching (0–20 credits).
Comprehensive examination.
Phase 2, research and dissertation (120 credits): research (40–60 credits), publications (60–80 credits), teaching (0–20 credits)

Career opportunities

Graduates of the PhD Programme in Education typically engage in research and development in the field of Education or take teaching positions in higher education.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment