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The Earth Sciences master’s program provides a multi-disciplinary approach: field work, analytical methods, lab experiments, numerical simulation, e-learning, case study analysis, and teamwork. It will allow you to understand the natural processes which have shaped Earth in deep time through to those that generate environmental change today. In addition, you’ll undertake courses designed to broaden your understanding of the role of science in society and industry and to improve your science communication skills.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Making a 100-point ranking out of the admission requirements. 50 point could be given for the basic previous academic achievement and the other 50 point could be reached for the oral entrance exam.

Mr Roland Pócza
international coordinator

Programme structure

1st year
applied geophysics
geochemical analysis
hydrogeological modeling
atmospheric physics
applied geomorphological mapping
raw materials’ value chains
modeling and simulation in earth sciences
geological process modeling
geological instrumentation and analysis
geological mapping fieldwork

2nd year
paleoenvironmental reconstruction
physical geographical perspective on climate change
case studies in environmental geology
geological research
GIS database modeling
applied mathematics for earth sciences
environmental geology in the field
regional geology
Earth observation
diploma work practice

Career opportunities

A Master of Science in Earth Sciences gives you the opportunity to gain a wide range of knowledge and skills that are relevant for employment in industry, energy, natural resources, government agencies, the environmental sector, and education, as well as in wider science and policy areas. The MSc in Earth Sciences has a very successful track record in terms of postgraduate employment at the professional level. Graduates take up careers in the public and private sectors in Hungary and the EU, and many have gone on to reach senior levels in industry, academia, and governmental positions, in the EU and overseas. Many take up Ph.D. opportunities and move into research. A number have won national and international awards for their contributions.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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