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MAEducational Science

University of Sopron
Hungary, Sopron
Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy Hungary, 9400 Sopron, Ferenczy J. u. 5.


The aim of the program is to train perfect professionals in the theoretical foundations and basic methods of educational sciences. Students will obtain an integrated knowledge of educational sciences and pedagogical practice, and neighbouring disciplines (philosophy, psychology, sociology, economy and law).
Fields of the program:
Theoretical and conceptual system of educational science 15-20 credits;
Psychological, social, political and legal background of education, teaching and training and their Hungarian and international aspects, trends 15-20 credits;
Main fields of education, teaching and civilization research and their research methodology 15-20 credits;
Educational and other institutions of education and training, as well as organisational and socialising forms of pedagogical innovation and support of organisational development 25-30 credits;
Specialization: 40-45 credits.
Specializations: Early Childhood Studies / Sustainability and Society

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment