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Our Electrical Engineers are enabled to design, operate and analyze various electronic systems from simple to complex operating in a wide range of fields including telecommunications and automation.

Ms. Horváth Helga
Study administrator

Programme structure

The degree requires acquisition of 120 credits, where 1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 working hours.

Career opportunities

Students graduating from the specialisation focusing on telecommunications systems and services can look forward to a successful career in a number of national and multinational telecommunications, broadcasting and telecommunications IT companies or research centres. Graduates in automation systems are particularly welcome and successful in the mechanical, automotive and electrical engineering industries in the region, but also in the whole country.

Although the first cohorts of electrical engineers in the Master’s programme graduated only a few years ago, there is a strong demand for MSc electrical engineers in the labour market. Almost without exception, our students have concrete job offers during the course of their training, long before graduation. Prospective employers include both multinational companies and domestic enterprises.

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