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The aim of the training is to train economic specialists who, with their knowledge of economics, applied economics and methodology and the knowledge acquired in the framework of their specialisations, are able to understand, plan and analyse the operational processes and economic relations of business organisations and institutions. Once they have acquired practical knowledge and experience, they are able to manage and organise the activities and processes of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. They are prepared to continue their studies at Master’s level.

The students have Integrated Professional Practice during the training (400 hours in the 7th semester).

Qualification: Economist

Programme structure

Major courses:

Economic Calculus
Business Informatics /ITC/
Business Communication and Protocol
Business Economics
Institutional system of the European Union
Marketing Management
Applied Business Economics
Business Law
Sales and Commerce
Economic Policy
Public management
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Finance
Basics of International Business
Business Valuation and Resource Management
Taxation and Public Finances
Strategic Management
Information Systems and Information Resources Management
Accounting Analysis and Controlling
Project Management
Applied Research
Innovation and Quality Management

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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