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Community and Civil Development Studies Students at Risk

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The aim of the studies is to train community and civil development professionals who are able to work effectively in the life of the communities, knowing the values of the communities and the national, European and global role of civil society and nonprofit organizations. They are committed to the development of civil society / non-profit organizations and local communities, to the improvement of the quality of life, and to help solving the problems in the community. As a result, the students will be able to apply their community and civil development knowledge and skills in decisions of the social and economic life, international relations and communication, as well as in their professional carrier. They are prepared to continue their studies in doctoral training.
Our students launch community development initiatives and activate the local population for local action.

They provide professional assistance for the unfolding local action.
They help cooperation between community groups formed through self-organization, non-governmental organizations and the business and public sector.
They participate and help to prepare local development plans and strategies, training programs They create new local services and community enterprises (nonprofit information offices, community centers, advisory services, for-profit – new type – cooperatives).
Through the integration of current national and European opportunities, trends, priorities, and adequate methodological knowledge, they provide advice, presenting possible alternatives to local community groups.
They provide information and explore the possibilities of access, and participate in the development of the local community groups’ own information system.
They organize and develop the local public.
They organize local movements, conferences, workshops and forums.
They establish partnerships with organizations dedicated to promoting the development (management) of resources (micro-regional development offices, training institutions of employment centers).
They plan, implement, evaluate and monitor complex nonprofit development programs.

Contact person:
International Office, Eszter Borbála Bagi
E-mail: international@tatk.elte.hu

Programme structure


Career opportunities

Our former students have been working as academic researchers or professors in different universities: as civil experts or community developers at municipalities, at cultural community centers, at community houses or museums. Most of them became leaders of Hungarian or international non-governmental and voluntary organizations. Some of them have also found job possibilities in market research and multinational companies. Others work as social workers, social politicians or members of media.

Job examples:
Community organisers, community developers
charities workers
nonprofit managers
projectmanagers, fundraisers
SCR developers
International aid/development workers
Social researchers
civil referents
Academic researchers, market researchers

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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