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The aim of the programme is to train experts, who, in possession of their human, economic and developed interdisciplinary approach, are able to make detailed analyses, find global and special correlations and carry out advising and assessing activities in the world of organisations, work, employment and education. They apply their professional skills, support the macro-level processes of human resource management and education according to the different professional requirements of the given workplace. They are able to identify special professional problems and define practical solutions to them. They provide help for individuals to make career planning decisions. Their advising activity is determined by their knowledge of the HR market and organisational processes. They are prepared to continue their studies in a PhD programme.

The entrance examination contains a discussion about the motivation and program-related academic background and professional experience of the applicant. Successful applicants must have a good command of English and pass the entrance exam. The entrance exam can be taken in person or via Teams (you do not need to download the app).

Strength of programme:
The programme is two-folded: it integrates different but closely interconnected disciplines: psychology, economics/ human resource management, educational studies and relies heavily on partners that offer a “real-life” insight into the profession. We train experts who, at the end of the programme, are able to make detailed analyses, find general and specific correlations in the world of organisations, work, employment and training, and who can carry out counselling and assessing activities incorporating their HR and economic studies applying their interdisciplinary attitude.

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Programme structure


Career opportunities

Those who graduate from the Human Resources Counselling MA programme can find advising and career consultant positions both in the public and in the private sectors, in human resources registry offices, career centres, temporary agency work, in organisations dealing with youth’s career orientation or adults’ career advice, and in recruiting and selection at head hunter or consulting companies.

Job examples:
Human resource counsellor
Learning and development manager
HR recruitment specialist

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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