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Program description:
This program provides advanced training in geology, applicable to geological problem solving. Our graduates have a solid foundation of knowledge in the different core disciplines of geology sciences (mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, and paleontology), complemented with advanced skills through specialized studies in selected areas. The field component includes a three-week geological mapping field school. The program also has an emphasis on practical courses related to mineral exploration, petroleum geology, hydrogeology and environmental geology. The degree program prepares both for continuing studies after admission to a doctoral program and work as a geologist primarily in the petroleum industry, in hydrogeology, or in related jobs in the public sector.

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Entrance exam description:
Introductory talk, general and technical questions, about the previous studies, to discuss listened courses

Mr Péter Molnár
international coordinator

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Programme structure

Career opportunities

Our graduates are best trained to seek employment in the petroleum industry, with groundwater and geothermal companies, or in the public sector, including universities, geological surveys, and research institutions. Their broad-based geological knowledge will prepare them to work in teams together with geophysicists and other geoscientists. As all courses are offered in English, prospective employers include those located in the graduate’s home country as well as global, multinational companies.

Job examples:

•Petroleum exploration: Our graduates find project geologist positions in the G & G (Geology & Geophysics) sector of the upstream segment of oil companies.

•Hydrogeology: Our graduates find jobs in the industry to explore and manage groundwater resources.

•Natural resources administration: Our graduates can fill positions in national geological surveys and other government offices responsible for management of natural resources.

•Geoscience research: Our graduates can apply to PhD schools at research universities and continue their education towards successful careers in academic research in Earth sciences.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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