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PHDPhD (doctoral) School of Sociology [Social Science]

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Program description:
The aim of this programme is to ensure the existence of a new generation of scholars dedicated to the social sciences, and especially sociology, and to prepare them thoroughly for the acquisition of the doctoral degree and for independent academic research and teaching at the postgraduate academic level. The doctoral school offers three programmes: Sociology, International Studies, and Interdisciplinary Social Research. The programmes follow international educational standards in the social sciences and have produced graduates who work as highly qualified research experts, university teachers, and training specialists in both theoretical and practical approaches to the various fields of social policy practice at a high level that is also recognized internationally.

This programme is recommended for applicants who are interested inpursuing a career as, for example a university professor, social researcher, scientific expert, political analyst, political expert, social policy analyst, media expert, or international policy expert (see the Career section below for more details on further employment opportunities). The Doctoral School welcomes all students, lecturers and research topics, and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic or cultural background, political views, disability, gender identity, self-expression or sexual orientation.

This programme enables students to observe and examine social phenomena and their interrelationships in their cultural and historical contexts, in their economic and social embeddedness, and in the diversity of their possible methodological approaches. Students must demonstrate their ability to conduct individual research leading to innovative solutions, to present their findings internationally according to the standards of scientific communication and to apply their results for the benefit of society.


  • Sociology
  • International Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Social Research

Program leader
Dr Zsombor BÓDY
Head of Doctoral School, Professor

Entry requirements:
MA/MSc degree in Social Sciences

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Applicants need to submit their MA/MSc degree, transcript of records, CV, motivation letter, research plan, and reference work.
IF the degree meets the eligibility criteria, the following step is the oral interview (skype). The recruiting committee will decide upon admission.

Optional documents to submit with application:

  • List of publications – optional
  • Copy of awards in professional competitions – optional
  • Letter of recommendation – optional
  • Statement of supervisor – optional

List of supervisors and proposed research topics:

Supervisors & proposed research topics for the Sociology specialization

Supervisors & proposed research topics for the International Studies specialization

Supervisors & proposed research topics for the Interdisciplinary Social Research specialization

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:


Contact person:
International Office, Eszter Borbála Bagi
E-mail: international@tatk.elte.hu

Programme structure

Click below to find out more about the structure for each specialization:

Career opportunities

The program aims to provide this in conformity with the international educational standards in social sciences, meeting formal and content requirements; as well as providing highly qualified research experts and university teachers in the future, and training specialists (of both theoretical and practical approaches) for the different fields of social policy practice at a high level, recognized at an international scale.

Job examples:

  • University professor
  • Social researcher
  • Scientific experts
  • Political analyst
  • Political expert
  • Social policy analyst
  • Political expert
  • Media expert

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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