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MALogic and Theory of Science

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Program description:
The program is focusing on logic and its applications in the philosophy of science, particularly in the foundations of mathematics, physics, linguistics and the social sciences. Beyond a few core courses and a joint four­semester seminar series, providing a kind of common background to all students, we offer the following four thematic groups of courses: Logic and the Philosophy of Mathematics, Foundations of Physics, Logic in Linguistics and Models in the Social Sciences – the student has to choose 7 of these The program bases on the many decades long successful coooperation between the Department of Logic, the Department of Algebraic Logic of the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics ( Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and the Department of Theoretical Linguistics of the Research institute for Linguistics of the HAS. Strength of program The program aims at developing research abilities of the students. Its central part is the Logic and its Applications Seminar of the Department of Logic, where students and staff members together discuss their work in progress. The most often occurring topics of the seminar are set theory and model theory in their philosophical connections, philosophy of mathematics in general, formalisation of physical theories like special and general relativity within different logical frameworks. The students get acquainted with the research works of the staff of the department and its partner and join to one or another research program in order to write their own thesis. They are required to give two presentation of their work during the two years. Career opportunities The program is designed for those who want to continue their studies on postgraduate level. The graduated will have good chances to apply to PhD schools in philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, informatics, physics, economics and sociology. The graduated students of the department got successful PhD students and later academics at the Eötvös University, the Central European University and at several universities abroad in Europe and overseas including such institutions as the MIT.

Entry requirements:
BA/BSc in philosophy, mathematics, physics, linguistics or economy.

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The application documents are processed by the Department of International Affairs and then forwarded to the department responsible for the given degree programme. The department checks the documents and organizes an interview by telephone, online (e.g. Skype) or in person. After the entrance interview, the department comes to a decision and informs the Department of International Affairs.

Mr Ádám Benjámin Varga
International Student Advisor

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