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Short description:
The MA program attempts to prepare students to carry out future research in the fields of literature and cultural studies from the aspects of literary history and theory, cultural and media science. Students are offered subjects specializing in specific problems related to the literature and culture of German-speaking countries, thereby offering a chance of study of interdisciplinary literature by focusing on characteristics of certain eras, authors and literary pieces from the point of view of genre theory, sociology of literature, aesthetics, history of arts, and theory of literature. Note that the program does not offer teaching qualifications.

German Philology
Culture Mediation
German Economic Communication.

Strength of program:
In this program, students become proficient in understanding and producing academic and media-oriented publications also in the fields of applied and theoretical linguistics and literature science. After the basic module students can alternatively choose besides the philology module also a module for German economic communication as well as for culture mediation. Students are eligible for admission to PhD programs.

Entry requirements: A C1-level, internationally recognized language certificate in the target language or a diploma in the target language.

Entrance exam: Yes

Type of entrance exam: oral

Entrance exam location: Electronic

Entrance exam description: The application documents are processed by the Department of International Affairs and then forwarded to the department responsible for the given degree programme. The department checks the documents and organizes an interview by telephone, online (e.g. Skype) or in person. After the entrance interview, the department comes to a decision and informs the Department of International Affairs.

Mr Rezső Jarmalov
Stipendium Hungaricum coordinator

Preparatory year available: No

Specialisation year available: No

Minimum number of scholarship holders: 2

Maximum number of scholarship holders: 20

Link: www.elte.hu/en/german-language-literature-and-culture-ma

Programme structure

Please find the list of study units here:

German Language and Cultures

Career opportunities

MA-bearing German Language Literature and Culture experts are searched in the fields: the world of business, media, diplomacy, international relations institutes, tourism, local government/cultural offices, the arts.

Job examples:
Journalist, essayist, guide, project manager at government/cultural organisations, specialist in diplomatic affairs.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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