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The aim of the ELTE psychology BA programme is to train professionals who are perfect in the theoretical foundations and basic methods of psychology, have an insight into the applied branches of psychology and possess skills and techniques that can be used in order to measure, explore and develop individuals, groups or organizations through behaviour measurement or other experiments. Students will obtain an integrated knowledge of education, communication, socialization, learning and human development. It is also aimed to provide modern, both theoretical and practical knowledge and true sense of vocation that support further learning in any psychology MA.
Accordingly, the curriculum underlines the importance of theoretical knowledge and the regular syllabus of the profession of psychology, therefore it teaches the methodology and the practical courses eligible to master the main applied branches and the trainings that shape the skills and competences necessary for the behaviour analysis separately and supports it with high credit volume. Next to the basic courses and the regular syllabus the curriculum also offers further special courses to help their detailed understanding. One can choose from them in order to decide in which practical field the student wants to become familiar with or more deeply engaged in.
The methodically demanding research papers compiled in the fields of the basic branches substantiate the final dissertation, which is in fact a portfolio of the empirical findings of these research papers, but with a methodical completion of an individually chosen one with further introduction into practical applications.
The final examination consists of the defence and discussion of the research papers. Students are required to place their research papers within the broader context of their studies in psychology. Special emphasis will be given to the methodological skills and appropriate use of statistical methods acquired by the student.

Strength of program:
The foreign language qualification of ELTE has a long history stemming from the internationally known workshops and the teachers who are also recognized internationally. The programme exists since 1991, as an English language version of the Hungarian curriculum. During these years the Institute welcomed 50-60 students per year from a wide range of foreign countries. As one can see, the student to teacher ration supports a tutorial-like atmosphere, which can boost communication and guidance effectiveness among the students and their teachers. Regarding the number of staff and students, the professional preparedness, administrative capacity, and infrastructural conditions of the institute, the Faculty of Education and Psychology at ELTE has the best Institute of Psychology in Hungary.

Leading professor of the program:
Name: Kende Anna , Head of Department, Department of Social Psychology, associate professor with habilitation

Career opportunities

The activity of a behaviour-analyst can find its grounds and justification in every organization, field, institute, where the following processes take place: education, qualification, development, leadership, recruitment, selection, re-education, correction or health activities. Furthermore, a behaviour-analyst can also work in any psychological laboratory and can complete and evaluate several standard experiments and aptitude tests of organisational psychology. Naturally – in specific cases – the supervision of a qualified psychologist is obligatory. A behaviour-analyst is trained and prepared to conduct and analyse several experiments regarding human interventions, like standard or intentional survey of competence, adaptivity, attitude or functioning. The demand for such professionals can be characterized as significant and remarkable. Institutes that already employ a well-trained and qualified psychologist can also claim professionals to work under supervision and deepen their competences this way. Thus, the human resources and financial budgets might get better organized and become more productive whilst remaining cost effective – benefiting both employers and employees.

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