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Program description:

The work of choral conductors belongs to the field of choral arts, which covers creating new ensembles, managing and conducting various types of choirs. Essentially, it is required that they manage the choirs artistic work continuously as well as in the longer term. Choral conductors can apply their theoretical, vocal and partly instrumental skills in the field of choral arts, and they are prepared to play an active and initiative role in cultivating Hungary’s choral culture. The study program familiarizes students with general knowledge in music theory and music history and also the technique of choral conducting, the human voice, the theoretical and practical issues of sound and voice production and voice care, the history of choral art, the choral repertoire, the styles and their related knowledge of performing arts in the various specializations of choral art. Certain personal qualities and skills are also necessary for conductors to conduct choirs, and acquire advanced conducting techniques. It is important to possess artistic sensitivity, advanced hearing and individual, well-trained vocal culture and proficiency in vocal chamber music.

Selection process:

Applicants for full-time studies in Choral Conducting are first evaluated based on the portfolio they uploaded in the application system (recording of three works performed by the applicant).

The entrance examinations for all courses at the Liszt Academy of Music take place at the end of June and at the beginning of July. Scholarship applicants whose submitted musical portfolio (recording of three works performed by the applicant) has passed the pre-screening evaluation are informed about the exact date of their entrance examination during May. The entrance examinations take place at the Liszt Academy of Music, in Budapest, Hungary. All applicants are required to appear before the Entrance Examination Committe in person for the examinations. Live streaming, video streaming, DVDs, CDs, or any other recordings are not accepted as a substitute. Applicants are informed about the result of the entrance examinations in July.

Entry requirements: Applicants are to take a practical examination in their chosen specialisation (live audition), and theoretical examination (written examination).


Applicants who wish to be considered for self-financed studies are required to apply separately as a self-financed applicant as well until 31 March. Self-financed application details:


Study Department, International Sub-Department

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