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Program description:
Master’s level physiotherapists develop therapeutic procedures and protocols based on their extensive national and international knowledge and skills, recognise and analyse physical, anatomical, physiological and pathological factors affecting physical ability and capacity. They participate in solving scientific problems in physiotherapy and finding new skills and knowledge in their expertise. The specialists perform scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of physiotherapeutic methods, organise and realise clinical research in physiotherapy, act as leaders in hospital units of physiotherapy, apply fundamental regulations and quality control principles in the management of health institutions and private enterprises. The promotion of health education on local, community, national and international levels also belongs to the tasks of a physiotherapist.

Entry requirements:
diploma of Physiotherapy (BSc)

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
written, oral

Entrance exam location:
SE-ETK, online

Entrance exam description:
A legjobb érettségi eredménnyel rendelkezők/Those who have the best leaving exam results


Programme structure

The detailed requirements for teaching and studies, as well as the detailed
regulations for training are laid down in the curriculum. The curriculum
comprises compulsory, compulsory elective and elective subjects. A
compulsory subject is one the completion of which is prescribed for
everyone concerned in the programme. To complete an elective subject,
students can choose from a set of subjects listed by the institution
(especially specializations in a programme or subjects requiring special
differentiated knowledge, degree thesis).
A credit point (study point) is a unit of measure of average total student
coursework workload needed to complete a subject (coursework unit).
Credits can only be awarded for the subjects which are evaluated on the
five- or three-point grading system. The credit point value is independent of
the mark obtained, but the precondition of validating it is fulfillment of the
conditions of this present set of rules, by fulfilling the requirements for a
particular subject at least at pass level, or in the case of a 3-point grading
scale at least at satisfactory level.
One credit point corresponds to fulfillment of 30 working hours of student
workload. Student work includes both the hours spent at a lesson (contact
hours) and the individual work (individual hours).
In the credit system, in order to obtain the basic or master degree, a certain
number of credit points must be accumulated within a stated time limit in
different groups of subjects, and certain core requirements must also be
fulfilled. By taking into consideration the system of preliminary studies and
by using the possibility of selection, students can study on their own

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Not available for applying at the moment