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PHDDoctoral School of Regional Sciences and Business Administration [Social Science] (Management (SzEEDSM))

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Program description:
SzEEDSM is a unique, accredited English language PhD program in Business Administration in Hungary. The program, built on academic rigor and generally accepted theories and research methods of Management, emphasizes practical relevance and the importance of using multiple theoretical lenses in developing an analysis of the issue at hand. The goal of SzEEDSM is to enable PhD candidates to become leaders of change in their communities both in academia and in practice by offering them, with the active participation of noted international scholars, a program that is up-to global standards. In the first two years of education (before the Comprehensive Exam), PhD candidates, typically Thursday, Friday afternoons and Saturdays, have to take a total of 19 four-credit courses (five courses/semester in the first three semesters and four courses in the fourth semester): seven core courses (Research Methods, Finance, Leadership, Operations Control, Entrepreneurship, Nonlinear Systems, Organizational Behavior) and 12 specialization courses. After the Comprehensive Exam, the emphasis will be shifted from acquiring the necessary theoretical foundation and research skills to pursuing individual research agendas and, working with chosen supervisors, to publish.·

Entry requirements:
Master’s Degree in a relevant field, appropriate level of work experience and excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Practitioners wishing to enhance their expertise are also encouraged to apply.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The obligatory admission interviews are free-flowing conversations, lasting about half an hour per applicant, where the admission committee tries to get to know the person behind the many data and details we have on file. The committee attempts to assess the applicants’ fit and judge their future success with the program. In its evaluation, the committee considers three broad categories: prior education/experience and recommendations, motivation letter (explaining why the applicant wants to enroll in this program and how, in the applicant’s view, the program impacts their career), and the committee’s impressions during the interview.

Ms Kitty Szabó
Study administrator

Programme structure

The total number of credits needed to complete the programme is 240 credits. 1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 student working hours.

Career opportunities

The Széchenyi University’s Doctoral Programme in Management (SzEEDSM) is unique in three ways. First and quite surprisingly, as of Fall 2016 it is the first English language PhD programme in Management in Hungary. Second, the programme, in addition to academic rigor, emphasizes practical relevance both by welcoming practitioners to join the programme and by inserting a semester of business immersion into the curriculum. Third, in addition to the traditional management approaches, it also offers a transdisciplinary specialization that emphasizes the importance of using multiple theoretical lenses in developing an analysis of the issue at hand.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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