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PhDDoctoral School of Crop Sciences and Horticulture

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Program description:
The doctoral school runs doctoral programs in crop production and horticultural sciences. The Crop Production and Horticultural Doctoral Program investigates the impact of land use systems and agriculture on the state and changes of natural resources (water, soil, air). In the Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences research is primarily based on the multifactor field experiments (crop rotation – tillage fertilization irrigation – tillage – fertilization – irrigazion – number of plants – genotype) and their findings that are unique and acknowledged throughout Europe with their 30 years background. The doctoral school was founded by twenty-two regular members (seven professors, four professor emeriti, one scientific advisor, eight associate professors and two scientific research assistants) in addition to the regular members of the doctoral school thirty-three other university instructors direct and help students’ training and research activities. During their studies, students attend 3 types of courses: compulsory (3 courses), compulsorily optional (25 courses) and optional (55 courses)- The doctoral school and the related institutions have remarkable instrumental equipment which is suitable to meet national and international expectations.

Entry requirements:
Relevant Master degree

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The professional evaluation of the educational materials (degree, transcripts, results) and the research topic is the task of the relevant Doctoral School. This evaluation is followed by a Skype interview with one of the professors of the Faculty, which aims to check the applicant’s level of motivation, language skills and professional knowledge. (In case of a missing certificate about the English language proficiency we conduct a Skype interview in order to check the applicant’s English language skills.)

Ms Ibolya Kun
Admissions Officer

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

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Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States