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PhDDoctoral School of Legal Studies

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Program description:
The Géza Marton Doctoral School of Legal Studies at the University of Debrecen started its first semester in 2006. One of the aims of our doctoral program is to contribute to the education of the next generation of academics in the area of law at a high standard. Further, in the long run, we also intend to satisfy the increasing demand for PhD degrees to be an indication of the capability for a high level of abstraction, as well as of the knowledge and talent necessary for the application of the findings of academic research. Related to the above, we intend to develop the ability of candidates for (primarily applied) research, who will then, at a later stage in their careers, be able to put their high standard of knowledge to use in the appropriate area of administration or legal practice. We develop skills in capable individuals that enable them to use empirical and other academic research methods in a targeted and full-fledged manner, and to produce book-length, original publications in specific areas of scholarship. As a sign of our respect for the juridical traditions of Debrecen, on 1 September 2011 our doctoral school adopted the name of Géza Marton, legal scholar, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and former professor of the university. We offer an accredited full-time English PhD program to our PhD students, and the topics offered by our PhD supervisors covers almost all fields of legal studies. You can find more information about our doctoral school and doctoral program at our English homepage.

Entry requirements:
Relevant Master degree from the field of Law

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The professional evaluation of the educational materials (degree, transcripts, results) and the research topic is the task of the relevant Doctoral School. This evaluation is followed by a Skype interview with one of the professors of the Faculty, which aims to check the applicant’s level of motivation, language skills and professional knowledge. (In case of a missing certificate about the English language proficiency we conduct a Skype interview in order to check the applicant’s English language skills.)

Ms Ibolya Kun
Admissions Officer

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Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States