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PHDDoctoral School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences [Natural Science]

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Program description:

Doctoral programmes in the Doctoral School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (head of the doctoral school: Dr. Zsolt Páles, pales@science.unideb.hu):
- Didactics – teaching of mathematics (head of the programme: Dr. Gyula Maksa, maksa@science.unideb.hu)
- Differential geometry and its applications (head of the programme: Dr. Csaba Vincze, csvincze@science.unideb.hu)
- Diophantine and constructive number theory (head of the programme: Dr. Kálmán Győry, gyory@science.unideb.hu)
- Explicit methods in algebraic number theory (head of the programme: Dr. István Gaál, gaal.istvan@unideb.hu)
- Functional analysis (head of the programme: Dr. György Gát, gat.gyorgy@science.unideb.hu)
- Ring theory: group algebras and unit groups (head of the programme: Dr. Ákos Pintér, apinter@science.unideb.hu)
- Mathematical analysis, functional equations and inequalities (head of the programme: Dr. Zsolt Páles)
- Computational science and its applications (head of the programme: Dr. Lajos Hajdu. hajdul@science.unideb.hu)
- Probability theory, mathematical statistics and applied mathematics (head of the programme: Dr. Attila Bérczes, berczesa@science.unideb.hu)

Entry requirements:
- MSc degree in mathematics and/or in computing;
- at least one complex language proficiency exam certificate;
- prior academic record and accomplishments.
Students need to contact a supervisor. In the application the name of the supervisor who accepted the student has to be mentioned. Applications without a selected supervisor cannot be accepted. List of supervisors at the Doctoral School: doktori.hu/index.php?menuid=191&lang=EN&di_ID=44

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The professional evaluation of the educational materials (degree, transcripts, results) and the research topic is the task of the relevant Doctoral School. This evaluation is followed by a Skype interview with one of the professors of the Faculty, which aims to check the applicant’s level of motivation, language skills and professional knowledge. (In case of a missing certificate about the English language proficiency we conduct a Skype interview in order to check the applicant’s English language skills.)

Ms Lilla Fónai
Admissions Officer

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Programme structure

Doctoral students shall complete 30±3 credits per semester, and a total of at least 240 credits from the doctoral school’s list of courses during the entire programme. The number of academic credits required to be earned in the first 4 semesters is 16. The number of research credits is 224. Students shall undergo a mandatory qualification at the end of the first and the third years. At the end of the fourth semester doctoral students shall take a complex examination. Upon the successful completion of the eight semesters of coursework, the doctoral student is given a pre-degree certificate (absolutorium). Obtaining the absolutorium is a precondition of the submission of the doctoral dissertation. The doctoral student is required to submit the final version of the doctoral dissertation (as revised after the preliminary defence) within three years after the complex examination.

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Not available for applying at the moment