Easing of curfew restrictions

Easing of lockdown came into effect outside of Budapest and Pest county from May 4 and from 18 May in the capital

We would like to inform you about the new rules that took effect on 18 May (Monday), following Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s announcement of the easing of curfew restrictions imposed in Budapest due to the novel coronavirus.
The rules of easing the lockdown that came into effect outside of Budapest and Pest county from May 4 have come into effect from 18 May in the capital as well, but social distancing measures will continue to apply, meaning 1.5 meters distance will remain obligatory and wearing masks in shops and on public transport will still be compulsory. The 9-12 a.m. shopping time slot for those above 65 also stays in force. However, public areas, parks, as well as outdoors playgrounds can be visited from Monday.
Furthermore, all shops and businesses may reopen, customers are allowed to use the terraces and gardens of restaurants and cafés in Budapest as well. Similarly, weddings and Masses may be held. Family events under 200 guests, however, may only take place after June 15 in Budapest and June 1 outside the capital. Meanwhile, according to the Government’s decision, outdoor spas and museums can re-open from Monday.
In higher education institutions located in Budapest, the same rules will apply as outside the capital. Universities can be reopened, but this requires the decision of the rector everywhere. However, visiting dormitories of higher education institutions will still be prohibited. We ask you to pay continuous attention to the information you receive from your university and via the Neptun system.
Overall, the easing of restrictions gives you a bit more freedom, and allows you to spend more time outdoors, but we ask you to still be careful and keep your social distance.

19 May 2020