Second phase of COVID-19 protective measures

Adhering to general precautions remains important

Thanks to the successful and effective measures introduced in the first phase of the coronavirus epidemic, the Parliament will vote on the elimination of the state of emergency, which can be lifted on 20 June if voted in favour. However, the virus had not yet been eliminated in Hungary, so having a responsible behaviour and adhering to the protective measures remains important.
• Social distancing measures continue to apply throughout the country, people (except those living in the same household) are requested to keep 1.5 m distance.
• All shops can reopen and can be visited.
• People visiting shops, markets, and shopping malls, or using public transport are mandated to wear face masks or otherwise cover their faces with mask-like substitutes (scarves, shawls, etc.).
• Public areas, parks and open-air playgrounds can be visited while maintaining social distance regulations.
• The rule remains in effect whereby only those people over the age of 65 can shop in grocery stores and drugstores between 9 a.m. and noon and those under the age of 65 outside these hours.
• Shops providing services can reopen without restrictions as well, and may be visited by anyone.
• Gathering in groups is still banned. However, car concerts can be organised.
• From 28 May, open-air cultural and sporting events (e.g. open-air theatre, cinema, circus, exhibition, literary event) can be attended in accordance with epidemiological rules. Spectators may occupy only one in four seats, shall not sit directly behind each other and shall have a safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between them. An outdoor event is a program that takes place for the entire duration outside a walled, covered building on all sides, or during which spectators are protected by a tent (such as a circus tent) due to the weather, or those that are enclosed by a wall built for the event or take place in an uncovered or partially covered facility (e.g. stadium, swimming pool, outdoor stage, outdoor cinema).
• Outdoor pools and beaches may reopen, and the opening of the indoor pools and baths is expected following the elimination of the state of emergency.
• Open-air museums, zoos and the outdoor installations of national parks may reopen
• Theatres, museums and cinemas are also expected to reopen after the elimination of the state of emergency.
• Worship services can be held, and civil marriages and funerals can also be held at a protective distance. Family events and weddings of less than 200 people can be held in the countryside from June 1, in Budapest from June 15, 2020.
• As of May 29, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and buffets are allowed to serve food and drinks indoors in Budapest too. Also, the same rules apply to catering establishments operated by hotels in the capital, but employees are still expected to wear face masks and the same physical distancing rules apply as they do outside Budapest.
• Schools maintain the digital curriculum till the end of the academic year.
• Universities may be open provided that physical distancing is observed, but the rector has the ultimate right to decide. Visiting student residences is still prohibited.
• Visiting hospitals is still prohibited.
The police are entitled to bring action against those breaking the general rules, e.g. not keeping sufficient distance, however the aim is not to sanction offences but to promote voluntary compliance.
We will keep informing you about the updates.

12 Jun 2020