Latest updates regarding the COVID-19 related restrictions and regulations

Please see a brief summary of the latest protective measures that are effective as of Monday, 21 September 2020

Dear Students,

We would like to share with you the latest updates regarding the COVID-19 related restrictions and regulations. Please see a brief summary of the latest protective measures that are effective as of Monday (21 September) listed below:

Mask-Wearing Rules
Under the decision of the government, from 21 September, the wearing of face masks is compulsory not only on public transport and in shops, but also in shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, museums, premises of libraries open to members of the public, health care and social institutions, as well as on public service and postal customer service premises. If masks are not worn properly or at all, violators face an on-the-spot fine of up to HUF 8,000 or an administrative fine of up to HUF 15,000 (cca. EUR 42). The appropriate wearing of face masks means that they must cover both the mouth and the nose. Another important change is that people are required to wear actual face masks, it will no longer be enough to cover their mouths with scarves or kerchiefs.

Rules related to entertainment venues
From Monday, bars and clubs are allowed to remain open only until 11.00 p.m., and the attendance limit of maximum 500 persons will continue to remain in force.
Events involving music and dancing held in enclosed spaces or outdoors can only be held if the number of persons attending the event, including the personnel, does not at any one time exceed 500, and the events must end at 11.00 p.m. the latest.
Body temperature checks in schools and nursery schools
From 1 October 2020, only teachers and students will be allowed into school buildings and they will be required to undergo temperature screening upon entry.

We ask you to pay close and careful attention to social distancing and health and safety measures to keep yourselves as well as and others safe.

We will do our best to keep you updated. You are requested to pay continuous attention to the information you receive from us, your university, and via the Neptun system. In addition, please check the and websites as well regularly for updates.

Thank you for your cooperation

21 Sept 2020