Update on the COVID-19 situtation in Hungary

New measures introduced from 11 November 2020 – please read carefully

Dear Students,

Due to the worsening health statistics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hungarian Government has introduced extraordinary legal order. Therefore, we would like to share with you the latest updates regarding the COVID-19 related restrictions and regulations.

It is important to stress that, in case you are currently staying in a student hotel/dormitory, you shall submit an individual request to the rector of your host university asking permission to stay in your current accommodation during the state of emergency.

Please see a brief summary of the protective measures that are effective as of Wednesday, 11 November, listed below:
• Between 20:00 and 05:00 people living in Hungary can only leave their homes for work or other well-founded reasons.
• All restaurants (except canteens), sport and leisure facilities like cinemas, theatres, gyms, indoor swimming pools and zoos are closed for visitors, restaurants can only take orders for takeaway and delivery
• all higher education institutions switch to digital education completely, elementary schools, kindergartens and day nurseries stay open
• student accommodation and hostels are closed (except for international students including Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders)
• all kinds of public assembly is prohibited
• hotels can only provide accommodation for business purposes
• holding public events of any kind is prohibited
• holding family and other private events is allowed with a maximum of 10 people attending
• weddings can be held with only the parents, siblings and witnesses attending the ceremony, however no nuptials can be held afterwards
• funerals can be held with a maximum of 50 people present at the ceremony
• sporting events can only be held privately, without an audience
• indoor and outdoor amateur team sporting is prohibited, individual sport activities are allowed
The measures are in force for 30 days starting 11 November. Failure to comply with the above shall be considered a violation by the Government, therefore please pay special attention to follow these measures. For further information regarding the special measures applying to Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship holders please follow our latest news at tka.hu/news and stipendiumhungaricum.hu.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you good health!

17 Nov 2020